Versuri Electric Wizard - The Chosen Few

Album: Electric Wizard - Witchcult Today

Hail covens this is it
A 1000 amps toll the end time riff
The sky a coffin lid
All condemned beneath its shadow
The chosen few, the chosen knew
Spelled out in the stars His prophecy
Raise your fists now you exist
The bell of doom strikes the 13th hour

The time has come
All the chosen time to put down your bongs
Take up a knife end a life
Legalise drugs and murder
Satanas Luciferus we pledge these souls to you
Now Satans slaves your lives weren't saved
Die now in the shadow of the pentagram

The chosen few, look up to the sky
The chosen few, waiting for the sign
The chosen few, still children of the grave
Satan's Slaves...

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