Versuri Elegy - Unorthodox Methods

Album: Elegy - Manifestation Of Fear

[Music: Henk van der Laars]
[Lyrics & vocal melody: Ian Parry]

In a dangerous environment, a single mother fights against tradition.
Protecting her son from the corrupt influences surrounding them both.
She tries to raise him as a good and honest person.
Year after year, many sacrifices have to be made,
but the white lies and tales she tells each Christmas,
cause the child to develop a warped perception of life.

Danger lurks in every place
A mother fights to protect her child
Tradition stipulates its way
It's easy for them to say
Influences all around
Hard to change, creatures of habit
Sacrifices must be made
A few white lies she must tell

The pressure lay on her shoulders
Decisions unfair
Desperately seeking comfort
Searching for strength not there

Have no fear
Unorthodox ways, unorthodox methods
Alone and afraid, different from others
All alone
She carries the strain, the future uncovers
Hide your tears

Years of hardship and of pain
Corruption lingers in all the dark corners
Her efforts are in vain
His perception of life has changed
Don't waste your time
He's lost, it's time to pray

Stupid to point a finger, she isn't to blame
Believing that life will bring him strength
The courage to find his way

[Repeat chorus]