Versuri Elend - Userpens

Album: Elend - A World In Their Screams

Et voici que le priple s'acve.
J'ai tent de circonscrire le monde, mais le voil perdu dans sa course.
La terre est rouge sang, le ciel rouge sang, la mer rouge sang.
L'Omphale hurle de tnbres.
Les vautours gants rgnent dsormais sans partage.
Onde de sang, vent ardent: l'Omphale hurle de tnbres.
Alors viens, viens car tel est ton royaume.

Viens... Viens...

[English translation:]

And here the journey ends.
I have tried to circumscribe the world, but it is lost in its course.
The soil is bloodred, the sky bloodred, the sea bloodred.
The Omphalos screams of darkness.
From now on the giant vultures will reign without mercy.
Wave of blood, burning wind: the Omphalos screams of darkness.
So come come, for such is your kingdom.
Come... Come...

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