Versuri Elis - Tales From Heaven Or Hell

Album: Elis - Griefshire

My father died today
A lovely melody is fading
My memories will stay
For months he was waiting

For you dark brother of sleep
Limbs are crippled, pain cant be eased
Decline and illness creep
Open doors for you, he is released

s my life a castle built on sand
Did I hold a liars hand
Walls of betrayal, roof of lies
Oh Im scared what if truth dies

Whatever words will tell
Tales from heaven or from hell
Theyll never change our past
What is true will always last

His life lies in my hand
A story from an unknown dark land
Happened many years ago
In a town where silent winds blow

Ashes to ashes he claims
Scattered pieces, nothing remains
But a fading melody
Some loving words in a diary