Versuri Elvenking - What's Left Of Me

Album: Elvenking - Red Silent Tides

For years disguised smiles were the only friends for me for years I thought they were for real
I closed my heart and with my hands I fooled myself Leaving me a pearl without a shell

Then I woke up, then I woke up and found all that I left behind I’m packing it all, and leaving with you

So close your eyes and take my hand now I’ll take you to my dark wonderland a place you’ll never want to leave – a place you’ll
never want to leave tonight
I will caress you all the night and day whisper sweet words every day captive in your arms, your prey – in your arms a prey tonight

I’ll dig a place so far from here
A hole to hide my love, to save what’s left of me

They put me on trial after the sentence had been sealed with dismal glances ill-concealed a crow was flying in the rainy sky that night
bringing good news, not a fright

The underdog, the last in line, oh please stop all this wicked whine I’m packing my things, and leaving with you

So close your eyes…

After all we went through Can you feel me deep.. I dedicate this night to you

‘Long all the miles I’ve been walking
The tears have counted my progress
Please touch my heart … together we will fix this silence
In this dark sweet fairytale
They ran out of happy endings
Please touch my soul … we can re-arrange all this nightmare

[Solo: Rafahel, Aydan]

So close your eyes…