Versuri ELVIRA MADIGAN - The Kindred (Salem 1692)

Album: ELVIRA MADIGAN - Witches - Salem (1692 vs. 2001)

Evil perished the day
Or so they thought when there stood in pale
On trial with hands tied to her back
All but a child told to be taught of herecy

[The Onlooker:]
The demons in cloaks arrive and light the pyres high
Whilst hiding behind the doctrine built on scriptures of lies

The wicked Kindred watch with pride
With the icon of their malice at side
None here will regret today
As virtue ends up lost in flames

[The Elders Of The Village:]
So You've come here to slay all the witches?
On Your mission straight from God
To justify Your faith it seems our women at the stakes must die

[The Onlooker & The Wise Man:]
Tears all mingle with her blood
Does fall for the teachings from above
With torture meant to drive us all to the shackles of their lies
For all are sinners in the eyes of God
Until we all belong to the likes of Him
(With devine right) To see to it that all nonebelievers die

[High Priest To His Loyal Subjects:]
Bring them to their knees
For to spread the gospels the best tool is fear of God
And all the sins we do create to keep them all at bay
And have them pay in blood and finally their beliefs

[The Inquisitors To The Villagers:]
In this year of our Lord, by the grace of our hordes
We have come to save You from Your afterlife
Though most of You will die, be sure though to abide
Salvation lies after a lifetime of submission

[The Villagers:]
Are we to pay in blood and all our wealth
For plain intimidation of this hell?
When facing all the wealth we here possess
This image of Your God seems so much less

[With Hindsight:]
But we were given no choice.

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