Versuri Emarosa - Pretend. Release. The Close

Album: Emarosa - Emarosa

We'll base these lies on this one night for you,
And out of the mould we'll rise, out of the mould,
Take back what I own and for you I'm alone.

This household reeks, indifference is a curse that we can't pass by,
We will love, I'll break you down; we will love, I'll break you.

This blow never came so fast, this breath won't be his last, the dreams alive.

We all suffer from insecurity,
Throw your hands to the sky, hold out wide, I lied,
Now I know where I'm from today.

Said that you wanted to know, how is it going to go? Failed my life.

And out of stone we all fall away.

And hey, here comes the attitude, I'm not even mad at you,
Just sit back and take a cue, there's nothing left for you.

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