Versuri Embrace the End - Intensity In Ten Cities

Album: Embrace the End - Ley Lines

Tonight, we'll make moments because it's all that we've got
This is gutter bravado
This is our punk rock
I'm starting from scratch and there is no pretense
This is romance
This is called love for the workers in song
Keep us holding on
Heaven sent relief for those of us who still believe
In the therapy and the merit of screaming
Reckless anthems of youth until our throats give out
Burning down the highway in a broken down van
Seeing the world through said go nowhere dead end
We are famous
We are brave
And our words will change the world
Today we'll tear open the heartland
Our amps go to eleven and our hearts will beat forever
So here we are, three thousand miles from home
We're all in this together and I never feel alone
Songs are made for singing
Leave loose ends be
Looting super centers cooking in truck stop microwaves
Sleeping on bottles of p**s and the floors of the gracious
This is our life and it's so glamorous
From here on out it's all disappointment
From here on out it's all compromise
We are ugly but we have the music

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