Versuri Embrace the End - The God Stitch

Album: Embrace the End - Ley Lines

Sign says one way east, I cut west
They can't touch me
Turn the corner look behind still the voice that screams inside
And it seems to be that
No matter how high we set our sights, all that we are is a far cry
And out of our mouths come dying sighs
Although we look so good in the moonlight
Oh my God... the lives that people lead
And what a world... sordid, cruel, and wretched world
What a world we live in
Raise your hands to the skies
We're all just along for the ride
Reader: tear out another page, let's leave this chapter open for interpretation
We're all open books and we end up the same
And what kind of bastard author would right us in this way?
Exalt, exalt in every shortcoming
Stand up, stand up...there's a big train coming
Leave our baggage unattended at the station
Push away from the platform and don't look back
With no indulgent farewell, no Hollywood estranged lover goodbyes
Rejoice, rejoice... and get the f**k out of town
As far as I can get from here
Distance is a friend of mine and I have somewhere else to be
We're leaving naysayers by the wayside
Now who's holding the reigns to this death machine parade?
Slowly crawling down the tracks with the weight of the world on our backs
Everyone wins in this race to the death

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