Versuri EMBRAZE - Sleeping Ground

Album: EMBRAZE - The Last Embrace

Sorrow lights the candles in your room
When you are sleeping
You touch yourself like I used to do
Wishing it was me

You hope this dream would never end
Because you want to be with me
Flame of your heart is still clean
But you hide for something

I'm like a swaying tree
You are the sleeping ground

This is the day when you are running on the fields
You are crashing all beautiful down
Just close your eyes and wish all to fade away
Cause you will leave the world today (with me)

So candles burn out
You are alone with your dream
Your soul flies over the sea
It wants to feel the wind

I try to help you, come with me
In to the land of beautiful dream
I still miss your touch and kiss
'Cause you still belong to me