Matt Heaffy si Ihsahn fac progrese cu proiectul lor muzical

de Cristi Nedelcu

Matt Heaffy si Ihsahn fac progrese cu proiectul lor muzical

Mrityu, proiectul de black-metal al solistului trupei Trivium, Matt Heafy si Ihsahn de la Emperor fac "progrese extraordinare" in realizarea lansarii noului lor albumul de debut.

Discul este produs de catre Ihsahn, care a declarat printr-o postare pe Instagram urmatoarele:

"It's #mrityumonday and me and @matthewkheafy have been tracking some killer vocals in through #vstconnectpro by @steinbergmedia! The current situation prevents us from traveling, but with this technology it is almost like we're in the same studio. Matt is absolutely killing it and we're making great progress every session!! #mrityu #newmusic."

Intr-un interviu pentru Revolver, Heafy a declarat urmatoarele:

"My love for black metal eventually spawned the idea of creating a side musical project based upon the same early values of Norwegian black metal: a project shrouded by anonymity — a musical venture that no one would ever know was 'me.' I think that initial idea was due to the fact that the black metal genre usually warrants some of the most elite-minded fans; the kind that… well, basically don't like anything anyone else likes — ones who even quickly turn their backs on their favorites of the black metal genre once any kind of popularity occurs. It's that close-mindedness of a small-faction of the fans that I initially wanted to try to grasp, but one day I befriended a new mentor who would help change that outlook through their musical and artistic influence."

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