Versuri Emperor - Aerie Descent

Album: Emperor - Scattered Ashes - A Decade Of Emperial Wrath

[This recording originally released by Emperor in 1999 on the split album "Thorns versus Emperor".]

[Music and lyrics: Snorre Ruch.]

By the Moon's haze and Northern Moonlight.
Upon the Earth he rode.
He seeks that which never was
and never (is) to become.
The Moon rose, it was crimson in color,
as if the night saw the coming fall
that once crushed your domain.
It ever comes again.

And again. [6x]

The moon shone with a fuller red.
As a cross he was drawn to the Earth.
What once has been shall be no more.
Death, he craves his next.
It is decreed.

Oh, Lord, hide me from the secret council of the wicked
and from these wretched words of iniquity.
For my enemies be against me,
and they have laid waste my soul in council together.
Defend me from he that rises up against me.
Save me from he that bears horns...
cloven hooves.
For he lies in wait for my soul
and desires to take it down a fiery pit.

The wraith descends to a world
to feed upon Man's soul.
See you perished, fall.
So by the stone, decrees of faith.
Their kingdom lost.

The Moon rose, it was crimson in color.
Tolled one bell.
What once crushed your domain,
it ever comes again.

And again [6x]

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