Versuri Emperor - An Elegy Of Icaros

Album: Emperor - Emperial Live Ceremony

[Originally released in 1999
On the album "IX Equilibrium".]

[Music: Ihsahn, Lyrics: Ihsahn]

[So, you guys heard the new Emperor album, "IX Equilibrium"? Here's another song from that one, called "An Elegy of Icaros".]

Icaros, I dare you.
For I possess the wings of faith.
Though, heavy on my shoulders,
No measurement can prove their weight.
Still, a burden are they not to me.
I am the challenger of gravity.

The fear is not the fate I seek.
My destiny will build upon
The mighty turbulence beyond.
And if I fall, I will rise... again.

Some of envy, some of fear,
Admonish by the graves of those who fell.
Praise the fool that pure of heart
Leaps off your finger into grace.

Icaros, your voice once melted
Into the choir of the fallen ones.

I have heard, I have seen
The purity of their song.

Icaros, Icaros.

Icaros, your fate embrace
A manifold of angels.
I summon thee from shattered graves,
And call upon the wind.
Recieve my bow of reverence.
Then spread your wings
And fly into oblivion.

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