Warning Mark Chords - Empires

I had just been looking for chords for this song, cause it's totally awesome, but 
I couldn't find any =(
...so, one guitar, my ipod, and 5 minutes later, I've come up with something that kinda works!

Ok, so, there are a total of 5 chords in my Very Easy Version of this song: Am, Dm, C, G, and D.
And the patterns repeat a lot, so I'll just list a few samples for it.

Am Dm (listen to the pattern in the song. That's gonna be the key to playing 
practically the whole thing)

(Continue the pattern for the entire first verse)
You've gotten hideous. 
I like to push you hard to an orange iron 
giving you a warning mark. 
So you can be in and out with everyone you meet. 
No one will keep you around. 
You will hear me laughing in the back of your head. 
You'll never get so deep, you'll never hold it down. 
They'll always see my...

(Listen to the song to find the exact placement of these chords, I tried to make 
them close though)
Am      C                  G         D
Warning, they'll call you beautiful. 
           Am      C            G            D
And in the morning, you'll be stranded in love. 
             Am  C   G    D  
You'll never live it down, 
         Am   C       G         D         (Start the intro pattern again)
It goes around, goes around and around and around. 

(Intro pattern again through the whole verse)
There's no one out for you. 
No one to make confused. 
Will you come after me? 
Won't you come after me? 

(Guess what pattern this is? Yep...)
All we have is nothing baby, 
Nothing gives us everything 

...Uh, yeah, that's pretty much it. It's pretty boring to play, but hey, at least 
we now have *something* to go off of =P
Hope this helps anyone who wants to play it
ps. got any questions or have a correction? leave it in a comment please

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