Versuri Empires - Hayley

Album: Empires - Howl

Hayley, it doesn't even matter now.
We could have truly had it all

They took him to the hills,
where they made him a star
Everyone loved who they knew from afar
They farmed a deceiver, who wed a believer
With her fed, she conceived his little girl
who oppressed called in danger;
Torched his eyes with her anger
All the flashes captured daddy's dismay
and she took her life before she could run away

I went there, to the site they had said she would be
Too cold a world for a girl, seventeen
I couldn't complete it, they wouldn't foresee it
Love is now where her life couldn't be
Oh believe it can happen
Death is time's true companion
And the future takes a second to be
Close your eyes and feel what is happening

Hayley, the dark world took you under,
What ever made you wonder?

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