Versuri ENCHANT - Monday

Album: ENCHANT - Blink Of An Eye

I'm not alone
There are millions who are just like me
Is our life our own
Or are we breed to think everything's fine?
Just another ant in the line
I don't want to be
One more calf who's suckling the cash cow
Dressed like a corporate freak
Begging the clock to give me the chance to be me
A few moments just to be free
Swallow the lie just to get by but I'm sick of this bag of feed
Try to hide but it feels like you're caught in a landslide
When dreams die you can chalk it all up to the Monday
Blame it all on Monday
Friday feels all right: you think you got all night
Saturday is great but then it gets to late
When Sunday comes around
It brings you right back down dreading Monday
And all of what used to define you
Serves only just to remind you
Of the man you'd hoped to be
I can't believe I'm on the clock and wearing a monkey suit
Where is my dream? You know the one where I'm up on a stage
I guess I'm missing that page
Take a quick look, glance through the book before I'm put back in my cage
Shed your skin the transformation begins
Chalk outline and the finger points to a Monday
The only suspect is Monday
And all of what used to defined you
Serves only just to remind you
Of the man you'll never be
I'm not alone mindless masses trapped just like me
Busy little drones day in day out we're all pawns for the queen
I guess it's how it will be
Chained to my desk just like the rest who have surrendered their dreams

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