Versuri ENCHANT - Ultimate Gift

Album: ENCHANT - Blink Of An Eye

And there you were beside me in the middle of a crowd
It took so long to find me, while I cried to you out loud
It seemed like forever I was so alone
I thought I've never find home
I was stumbling in the darkness, I was living underground
Now I'm standing in the sunlight, basking in this love I've found
It's the first breath of a baby; it's the warmth of a touch
I'm giving you my vow, I'll say it here and now
Nothing I could do could mean as much
I savor every moment I hang on every word
It's rapture just to touch you, the world becomes a blur
I'm a better man with you than I was by myself
And when I kiss you, you can tell
It's finding what you after, it's what is meant to be
When I hear your laughter and when you look at me
It's like living in a daydream, it's like heaven here on earth
I don't have much to give, but as long as I shall live
I give you my heart for what it's worth
I was drowning in an ocean, a lost soul set a drift
I was wandering the desert I was stepping off a cliff
I was hanging by a heartstring I was just about to slip
When you came to my rescue and gave to me the ultimate gift
It's a feeling of completeness, it's a half that now is whole
Now I see forever when you look into my soul
It's a drug I've never taken, it's like walking through the clouds
Words cannot describe just how I feel inside
Because of who you are I'm free somehow

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