Versuri END OF GREEN - Drink Myself To Sleep

Album: END OF GREEN - Dead End Dreaming

Come closer now here tonight, this ruin we cannot hide,
A language we cannot speak, it comes all down on me.
So follow me down, my life, I know a place to hide.
Come closer and you will see.
Comes all down on my own, down on my...
I drink myself to sleep, I need another drink,
I drown my soul tonight, feels so dead on my own...
I drink myself to sleep, I need another dream, I drown my soul tonight...
This secret inside I hide, seems better than my whole life.
I swallow it down and think, darkness my old fried.
Come closer like every night, these alcoholic nights.
Come closer and you will see, sudden death on my own, dead on my own.
Come closer, I tell you why, the sober will not survive.
I need another drink, let me drown again.
The devil is still alive and Jesus will not arise?
Show me how to live, seems so dead on my...

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