Versuri END OF GREEN - Ghostdance

Album: END OF GREEN - The Sicks Sense

I don't know her name, it looks like she's afraid of.
She never smiles and never talks a lot.
But you should get a glance, so silent - see her dancing.
She lives alone in room 804.
Transparency fulfillment this lightning appearance.
Your silence in a sick and weary world...

When you're turning around, you know, I see you.
Living in a house of glass that bursts to come through.
Dancing on a pile of shards that hurt - but not you, you're paralysed-
but you are dancing, I can see you.

I need to know her name, 'cause she won't stay the same.
Her beauty disappears by spoken words.
But driven by desire, the unknown devil's fire-
the higher I get - the deeper I will fall.

When you're dancing you're an open fire-
I wanna touch you, a long desire.
I wanna play your dirty game.
I wanna feel you 'till you blow my brain.
I wanna break out of my rusty cage.
I need to know your pretty name.
A rush of blood runs through my veins-
where do we go, do you feel the same?

I wanna dance like lovers do,
my darkest dreams are coming true,
you're touching me and I turn insane,
and I forgot my name...

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