Versuri END OF GREEN - Queen Of My Dreams

Album: END OF GREEN - Last Night On Earth

Somewhere out there but far away. Still crying
loud, now I can hear. A calling of you has saved
me before I fall. No longer pain, dead empty place.
Beautiful queen still of my dreams. You are the
one who's living under my skin. queen of my
dreams, beautiful and silver, queen of my dreams,
drown in you forever and everlong. You are my
queen of day and night. Still be my life and
suicide. Queen of the sun and the light and endless
dark. still I'm lying on your grave. No longer life
and no more taste, the evening wind will take me
home to you. Still i'm lying on your grave. No
Longer life and no more taste, still I lie, still I lie,
on your grave, on your grave

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