Versuri END OF GREEN - Speed My Drug

Album: END OF GREEN - Dead End Dreaming

Same old pain, same old desire.
Reach my veins, it burns like fire.
That's what I wanna be - my own worst enemy,
Sihundredsixtysix more ways to bleed, thats what my life should be,
My worthless enemy sihundredsixtysix more ways to bleed.
Speed my drug all day and night long, speed me up with all the days gone...
Hello dark days, goodbye light.
Spit it out, my mournful life.
Thats what what I wanna be - my own worst enemy sixhundredsixtysix more ways to bleed,
That's what my life should be - my worthless enemy,
Sixhundredsixtysix more ways to bleed.
Show me the days addiction's gone.
Chemicals give me back control.
Another pill inside my mind.
This is the day, prepare to die.

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