Versuri ENFORSAKEN - Blacklist Assassin

Album: ENFORSAKEN - Sinner's Intuition

Infiltrate their trust
Then release the lie
Right between the eyes
Turn around and take my hand
I'm the blacklist assassin
I will never forget so save your hollow regrets
I told you that I would not forget and I will walk away without a regret (no regrets)
The girl speaks still in horror
Right behind the black door
The blind man is shifting
Now cut him down in a fury
In silence I remember the very thought of you
In violence I dismember every thought attached to you
Lest we speak the more we gain
In the end nothing remains
Assume the obvious
Don't ask any questions
Everything is wrong
Expect the devious
Then turn and make the call for the blacklist assassin

[Lead: Joe]

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