Versuri ENFORSAKEN - The Slain

Album: ENFORSAKEN - Sinner's Intuition

Beyond all recognition
Beyond what is believed
There lies a contradiction
The edge of sanity
Murder hides in every pathway
Sweet dreams in your casket bed
Hiding in the pathways we are the slain
Mandatory assassinations
A welcome sight to those in pain
To those in pain we are the slain
Let it be as it was before
The father, son, and holy war
Another day, another killing
As it was in the beginning
Forward to infinity
Forward to decay
The existence of our own free will
Spilling now into the fray
Burn every idol
Spit on the ashes
Remember to honor the blood of the ages
Damn the hordes they will revel in s**t
We will destroy them all
Blitzkrieg retaliations
The outcome for a world gone insane
In a world gone insane we are the slain
Strike up the war!!!

[Lead: Joe]

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