Tears Chords - Ensiferum

     ENSIFERUM - Tears
freezing_moon (ashkael)
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Tuning: Standard

Capo: 4th fret

A nice song to sing around a fire when camping with friends, despite the bad English. 
included alternative, "good English" versions underneath the original lines in parentheses.

(Chords are the same for all verses)

Am         G            F           Am
Shadows of evening on a traveller's way
Em      G                F                Am
Destiny tells where the strange path will lead you
Am              G            F          Am
Alone I've been walking this path every day
Em        G              Em    Am F  Am
under the stars and the white, silver moon


I hear a song and I'm closing my eyes
while it's sound is caressing my poor and sad mind
Will you tonight give your promise to me
For one day the silence will sleep in your dreams

C         G       Am          Em
I've been waiting for so long time
   F       C        Am     Em    Am
to see the light of golden bright sun
   C      G      Am              Em
I feel no sorrow in the heart of mine
                    (- my heart)
F        C       Am        Em  Am
for the tears of life are now gone


Winds are whispering in the sacred forest
dancing and singing with the red autumn leaves
These memories I could never forget
with rising sun I shall be here with thee