Versuri Ensiferum - Twilight Tavern

Album: Ensiferum - From Afar

We heard that enemies were approaching from the south
We marched to face them, I killed their scout
But we were ambushed and slaughtered in the night
We fought so bravely but none were left alive

Now I open my eyes and what do I see
A rainbow in the moonlight, pipers calling me
They say don't be afraid and asked me to follow
You've been expected, so forget your sorrow!

Their warrior's souls forever rejoice
With our ancestors we raise our horns
Their warrior's swords forever shine on
Welcoming our brothers at the break of dawn!

Life is so short (Life is so short)
Oh! son of the north (Oh son of north)
You'll find your peace
At the end of your journey


More greet us when we open the door
Familiar faces but the house is way too long
Beer is flowing, the smell of burning meat
In the morning battle raised (make helps me?) the least
As the sun sets behind the mountain's peak
The master of the house has made a feast
This is -- life is -- too good to be true
Take cover men, a battle will be here


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