Enslaved vor concerta online

de Cristi Nedelcu

Enslaved vor concerta online

Norvegienii de la Enslaved vor concerta la Verftet Online Music Festival in Bergen, Norvegia.

Evenimentul online va fi transmis in direct pe pagina de YouTube a festivalului pe 1 aprilie.

"When the old Bergen ring-fox Mikal Telle asked us to join his and local venue USF's fantastic initiative that is this festival, we pretty much said 'yes and thanks for asking!' before he could finish the sentence. Of course, we are itching to play now that the world of live music is on halt, but we also saw a chance to get our live music out there to all the fantastic fans out there. The studio recordings is, of course, a pillar in what ENSLAVED is, but without the other pillar of playing high-energy shows and creating musical magick together with our magnificent audience, things get out of balance. Now we will have a chance to restore that balance for a virtual time with all of you — and time is time no matter what matter it moves through, right? See you in the ether!", a declarat trupa intr-un interviu.

Grupul va lansa noul lor album, "Utgard", in toamna, via Nuclear Blast Records

Primul single de pe viitorul material va fi lansat pe 22 mai.

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