Versuri Entombed - 01. Out of Hand

Album: Entombed - Out of Hand

Fools gather round to whatch me bleed
but there are things you'll never see
to protect and serve one nation under god
a nation in which no-one's free
Their flesh begins to rot
what's left of what they've got
a boring life is getting old
mischief won't turn to gold
By going back to burning books
ripping apart things that doesn't fit
one times one equals nine
Your make - believe reality is full of s**t

Jesus christ
lord of flies
in disguise

It's f****d to hear one idiot's words
worse to see others believe it
f****d up minds in f****d up times
it's up to you to foresee it

Jesus christ
lord of flies
in disguise

it's all built upon lies out of hand
is this a f*****g joke out of mind
and it makes me f*****g choke

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