Versuri Entombed - 02. Serpent Speech

Album: Entombed - Hollowman

[lyrics: Andersson, music: Andersson]

a serpent crawls in the ashes
in the remains of human misery
awake but sleeping in the hour of disgust
behind bars your mind is free

sleeping-pills of wormwood
taken by mother insane - but
life goes on - life goes on
towards death in the fast line

genocide, no more lies
the modern man is a freak
shut your eyes, suicide
the serpent laughs as we speak

[Lead: Cederlund]

come and join us in the reptile dance
dance with me and the devil - we
f****d it up - f****d it up
and we'll keep f*****g it up as we

[Lead: Cederlund]

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