Versuri Entombed - 12. Skeleton of Steel

Album: Entombed - Inferno

There are times
We forget to think
Years of oblivion
Seems like eternity

There are times
We get lost
Forget to believe
In humanity

Souls seem to quiver
The world's about to collapse
We got every cell on stand-by
Waiting for relapse

There are times
Can't hold it together
Turns out wrong
There are times
We're fighting wars
It's damn hard to get along

Flesh growing weaker
Legs don't seem to stand
We got every cell on stand-by
Waiting for command

We know that our death will be soon
It's what we achieved with our daily gloom
No hope for the future in this concrete room
We're now aware that this is our doom

So if this is real
I better kneel
I'm doing my part
Cuz everything that's left of me
Is a skeleton of steel

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