Versuri ENTWINE - Curtained Life

Album: ENTWINE - Fatal Design

You turned off the light of innocence
Overstepped the mark for deliverance
War within the end that never comes
Faking what you are to be faithfull after all
(your) Grace created lies in my mind
All that you've been hiding will be found in your eyes
You... you never wanted it so bad
(So) why would you even care at all
For what you've never had

Painted faces
Another curtained life
Break me, deceive me
You light on me as I rise
Soon you'll get a life on your own
You can go how you like but you know then it's all gone
(so) try to find out where you belong
Or drift into a crisis and we'll die forever more


Up from the city heights
I see you on a horizon (baby)
Up from the city heights
This is the end of lies
This is the end your lies now baby
Fly through the crimson skies

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