Versuri Envy On The Coast - Just South Of Heaven

Album: Envy On The Coast - Lowcountry

She better watch those hands...
They're awfully close.
Can't use my eyes
It's not working on you.
You dance and you sting
just like the jellyfish do.. yeah..
down by the water where i'm from
is Just south of Heaven. ohh

I've met your friends
they're not like you.
And I know the feeling too well
'cause being alone is hard to do..
So you dance while I sing
just like we do.
down by the water where I'm from
is just south of Heaven.

Let me see your words
Let them skin up from your core
Don't you know I was born in the dirt
I've got what I need don't want anymore, yeah.
So you dig and you dig
Cause you've been lookin' for the shore.
But still the water where I'm from is just
south of Heaven, ohhhhh....

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