Were All The Way Tab - Eric Clapton

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From: "Steve Garner" 
Subject: c/clapton_eric/were_all_the_way.crd
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 19:05:36 PDT

This song was originally posted in an Eric Clapton tab archive
web site, but there was no transcriber's credit listed. There
was a list of all the people who had contributed to the archive,
but it didn't specify who transcribed what songs.
Here are the people who contributed to the
archive: Brian Davies, Dave Esposito, Liam McCarthy, Jon Rossie,
Bernardo Siu, Harlan Thompson.

Eric Clapton

from the album "Slowhand"

submitted by Steve Garner
transcribed by ???

main picking pattern:

 D        Dsus4 D


D                                      G
There's no cause to think that I won't stay
Haven't I've been with you all the way?
D                                G
There's no time like now to make amends
After all we are only friends.

          D          G               D
Chorus:   This could be the time for you and me
          D        G           D
          We could go wherever we should be
             A                                       D
          So don't put words between us we shouldn't say
          And don't be acting halfway
                   G                  D
          When you know we're all the way

There are times when I don't see the light,
And I don't know if what I do is right.
But when I'm wrong it's never ment for you,
So don't confuse my love with what I do.


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