Versuri Eric Clapton - Ten Long Years

Album: Eric Clapton - Riding with the King

Well, I had a woman,
She was nice, kind and loving to me in every way.
Oh,I had a woman,
She was kind and loving to me in every way.
Oh, she used tolove me
And bring my breakfast to the bed every day.

Oh, for tenlong years,
She was my pride and joy.
Oh, for ten long years,
She wasmy pride and joy.
I used to call her my little girl.
Oh, she used to callme, she used to call me her little boy.

Oh, it's all overbaby.
You know I'm all alone.
It's all over baby.
Babe you know I'm allalone.
Well, the reason you hear me singing the blues, baby,
Yeah, youknow my baby's gone, she's gone, she's gone.

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