Versuri Eric Sardinas - Sweetwater Blues

Album: Eric Sardinas - Treat Me Right

It's been a long time comin'
That I leave this town
Been a long time comin'
Then I leave this town

Yeah, there's one thing, mama
That keeps me hangin' 'round

That bad old sweetwater
Man, it's runnin' all over town
That bad old sweetwater
Is runnin' all over town

Yeah, everywhere I go now
That stuff sure can be found

I can't stop now
Lord, my evil ways
Man, I can't stop, baby
Lord, my evil ways

Oh, lord have mercy

And that just keeps me worried, now
Honey child, most every day

Oh, I'm worried now... yeah

Alright, now

Oh, my


Things feel good, baby
Lord knows I can't stay
When things feel good, now
Lord knows I can't stay

When times can't get no better
Man, they don't stay that way

You know what I'm talkin' about


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