Versuri ESOTERIC - Expectations of Love

Album: ESOTERIC - Esoteric Emotions - The Death Of Ignorance

Society and religion teach us to love one another,
To follow the frameworks,
That filled their empty lives - empty minds.

The pressure I feel,
Is f*****g unreal.
Why can't they see my inability to love?
Why can't they open their eyes?

All they see is what they want to see.
They see their vision of me; it's not me!
How can I love others when I can't love myself?
The pain I've felt has destroyed the love in me.

My frustration increases into a silent scream.
Where is the relief? When can I be free?
I have tried to love but it can never be.
Hate is all I can ever feel.

To dwell on death is love for me:

[Music - Greg, Bryan, Stuart. 9/1992]
[Lyrics - Greg. 8/1992]

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