Versuri ETERNAL GRAY - The Unbelievers Die

Album: ETERNAL GRAY - Kindless

Absorbed my spirit to darkness
Left my being to rot away
Into fleshless lost
I seek a cross - nailing myself for humanity

Punishment in its purest form
An expression of minds so deformed
I am pleased from the pain - releasing my soul

Again my joy turns to sorrow
And sorrow turns into rust
My soul has now left - the spirit deceased
I return to the place I once lost

Punishment in its purest form...

When I do find others, and find them I will
The starting of a religion long lost
Fear me they shall not, fearing nothing but sins
Casting their own flesh aside

Now that you're all with me - given me your life
A war needs to be taken - THE UNBELIEVERS DIE

Making them repent
Repenting with their life

With me you shall come my chosen friends
Never will you be lost again
We return to the place in my mind
The place you once lost - NEVER AGAIN

[Solo: Dory]