Biografie Eternal Majesty

Eternal Majesty

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Negura Bunget  Cradle of Filth  Venom  Dimmu Borgir  Behemoth  Immortal  Marduk

Also known as Enchantress Moon
Country: France
Label: Appease Me

Formed in: 1995

1995- Black metal
Current members:
1995-  Navint - vocals
1995-  Martyr - guitars
1995-  Sagoth - bass
1995-  Thorgon - drums
1998 Eternal Majesty / Antaeus [Split] [EP]
2000 None Shall Escape The Wrath [Split]
2000 Evil Consecration [Live]
2001 SPK Kommando [Split]
2001 Unholy Chants Of Darkness / Faces Of The Void [Split]
2003 From War To Darkness
2005 Night Shadows [EP]
2006 Wounds Of Hatred And Slavery