Versuri Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Red Dawn Rising

Album: Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Before The Bleeding Sun

Once again I see the dawn
It burns my eyes and stings like thorns
I must hide till there is
Nothing more to see
Let me see if theres still time
Questions are waiting by the line
I must find the way to get me
Anywhere but here
Is there time?
From the sands of all lost time
Arises a reborn bird of fire
She flies towards the blazing sky and
Greets the dawn
Too many answers still to find
Before we run out of all time
I wish that like the Phoenix
We could rise again
My life goes out like a dying star
The anxious pain behind the dark
If someone else could bear this load
That hurts like the crown of thousand thorns
The red dawn is rising
Sealing the end of our time
The red sun is shining
Burning all that's still alive

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