Evanescence a dezvaluit numele noului album

de Andreea Gherfi

Evanescence a dezvaluit numele noului album

Amy Lee, solista formatiei americane Evanescence, a dezvaluit numele noului album de studio ce va ajunge la fanii trupei in toamna acestui an. Materialul se va numi "Synthesis" si este unul dintre cele mai importante proiecte ale trupei.

"It is a synthesis, the combination, the contrast, the synergy between the organic and the synthetic, and also the past and the present", a marturisit Amy Lee.

"Synthesis" aduce schimbari majore in structura muzicii Evanescence. Acesta va contine reinterpretari ale unor piese mai vechi din repertoriul trupei, dar si doua piese noi.

"This album is about orchestra and electronica. We're taking our music, stripping out the big distorted guitars, stripping out the rock drums and replacing it with full orchestration in a completely synthetic world of beats and sounds. We've gone through our entire catalog of music and picked out the songs that are made to be heard in this way, and we're sewing them together from the ground up. This is isn't a remix.", a adaugat Amy Lee

Declaratie completa a artistei poate fi urmarita mai jos.

Noul turneu al trupei Evanescence va ajunge si la Bucuresti, in data de 29 iunie, in cadrul unui concert special ce va avea loc pe scena de la Arenele Romane. Evenimentul este unul extrem de asteptat de catre fanii din Romania! Mai multe informatii gasiti pe www.iabilet.ro

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