Versuri EVEMASTER - Enter


Escaping reality, composing life
Willingly taking commands, wired into the mainframe
Building up the machine, ready to obey
Chemically numbed consciousness, slave labour through their lives

Enter the machine, a new king of utopia
Swarm of willing souls that you are
Newtopia, the new breed
Who's the god and creator of my creed?

Losing the souls when entering the vortex of broken hopes
Injecting the machine, nerve system loses control
Willing resources, consumed in the blink of an eye
Mind numbed down, weak and abused

Building the empire
Gathering the lost souls
I'm subservient to no one
Offering the meek a new home

Kept away from the harsh reality
I offer them shelter
The empire for the submissive
And I, the highest of them all, I am the Emperor

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