Versuri Evereve - Tried & Failed

Album: Evereve - Tried & Failed

I'm still pretending
I'm still with you
I'm in the eye of the storm
I'm still longing for your taste
Please release me, I'm with you
Dark is the season
Dark is the sky
Burned the bridges one by one
Voices turning in my head
Soon I will break
'Cause I tried and I failed
There's nothing left I can call my haven
A travesty we create together
We rose and we fell
This pain inside me will last forever
You're still pretending
You're still with me
You're the best friend of mine
Empty bottles on the floor
Please release me, I'm with you
I keep on standing
Keep on pretending
What I used to be - Bring me down
I keep on fighting on and on
Uphold the fallacy - Down to you
I keep on lying, keep on denying
But I feel I can't take it no more - Bring me down
I'm still pretending...