Now Or NeverChords - Everlife

Hi it's Nikki276 again with another song.
When you play the Gm, it might not be right but if i figure out anything different then 
try to post it differentlty next time. Thank You.
Hope you find it correctly. When you listen to the song you can listen to how the 
goes and really see where to come in at.

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Now or Never by: Everlife

Wheres the balance
Wheres our common ground
Dsus2              Asus2
Ive been hoping lately youll come around
Time has changed me
Brought me to my knees
Dsus2             Asus2
Taught me how to break free
C5       Gm
No more wasting precious life

E    Gm        Dsus2   Asus2
Right now Ive had enough
E    Gm        Dsus2   Asus2
Im on the edge of breaking down
E    Gm        Dsus2   Asus2
The time has come for me to choose
       C5          Gm
Theres nothing to lose
                   E   Gm  Dsus2  Asus2
Its now or never

(same chords for verse 2)
Heres your last chance
To make this something more
It could be better than it was before
You dont get it
You keep holding back
Youre living in the past

   C5       Gm
I made my choice
    C5   Dsus2 Asus2
Now you decide


C5           Gm
Im stronger
When Im down on my knees
C5                     Gm
Ill lift my head and sing
    Dsus2             Asus2
In spite of all these things

Chorus 2x

The End.

I hope you can understand this all
On the Gm you dont have to play the whole chord
you can play just most of it. Thanks.