Versuri Evig Natt - Darkland

Album: Evig Natt - Darkland

[Music: Stein, Lyrics: Kirsten]

Far into the distance lies
the land that I long for
Where my blood runs like
a river, I have to cross
Every breath, how it pains me
Patiently waiting for the
Raven Goddess to come

I'll free you from your wings
Now fall
When all fails I'll be here
To embrace you
Your blood is my river
Crossing you over

Send me into a dreamless sleep
Nightmares cease
while my vessel rots away
Nothing can penetrate this numbing stillness
Where I lie and wait for life

The pale winter mistress
collecting the lost souls
where the unfortunate ones must go

Fall to the ground
and beg for mercy
She'll break your wings
and let you fall
Enter the Darkland
There you'll find me
Follow the raven
I'll sit by my stone