Versuri Evil Army - Satan Made Me Do It

Album: Evil Army - Evil Army

Woken by a strange noise
Driven by an evil force
What's that noise, what was that?
Messages coming from Lucifer himself

Satan made me

Find 'em asleep
Gunshot will wake 'em up
Blast to the head
Paint the walls blood red

Bedroom now a slaughterhouse
Kill mom, dad and children
Bolt action rifle, safety is off, shoot again
Voices in my head saying fill 'em full of holes
Not my normal action, someone else in control

Didn't wanna do it
Didn't wanna do it
Satan f*****g made me
Didn't wanna do it
I was forced to do it
Satan f*****g made me

Tempted by the gates of hell telling me to murder
I think I'm being called Satan