Versuri Evil Army - Severe Mental Disorder

Album: Evil Army - Evil Army

Keep out of my sight, give me back my right
Locked between a padded wall, calling me a mental case
Wrapped in a straight jacket, forced not to fight back
Someone save me from me or you'll be saving someone else

I'm dangerous, stay away
Shock treatment doesn't work
Chain me down, stab me with some needles
That don't f*****g hurt

I can't f*****g take it no more
Blinded by reality, driven to an altered state
No control to what I do
Voices say to kill me, but before I do, I kill you

Drug me up, knock me out, wake up in my own blood
Back into reality then shoot me up with some more
I don't think I need your pills
I don't really need your help
I need somebody to let me out of this f*****g hell
Someone f*****g let me out

Trapped inside this living hell
Somebody let me out

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