Versuri Evoken - Into The Autumn Shade

Album: Evoken - Shades Of Night Descending

Somber shadows mourn the dawn of autumn
Within the forest of eternal grievance
Its twisted and withered trees stand lifeless and barren
Cloaking this ancient burial ground in spectral gloom

Lamentations of the dead
Echo through this desolate twilight

As darkness falls and night reveals
A fearful place of frozen grief
Beneath the wings of this mournful angel
Chilling horror grips the spirits of our funeral
As we fall into eternal September
The procession to interment
A dirge of misery sounds......

Onward into the darkness
Among the doleful shadows
Our graves await in silence
A realm of haunted sleep
The ages of time mean nothing
Perpetual sorrow is born.....

Commence the rites of burial
For the season of mourning is upon us.......

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