Versuri Evoken - Omniscient

Album: Evoken - Evoken / Beneath The Frozen Soil

I own the absolute knowledge of the ages; the impenetrable enigmas buried deep within all flesh and blood. Behold: through valleys of dire
nothingness ...atop distant mountains outlined upon the burning sunset - I foresaw eternity and have endured every moment of the past.
Through sheer spiritual agony I've transcended the celestial plane. The deathlike radiance of collapsing stars cast prophetic shadows upon
my birth.

Reborn through the breath of each dawn...I am absolute power expanding beyond the infinite. The cruel tyranny of time cannot decay the
truths I possess. The horrors of ancient eons; the rivers of blood shed in barbaric wars; the stark suffering of humanity through the
savages of plagues. I bear the inconceivable weight of perpetual thought. The curse of divinity...