Versuri Ex Deo - Cruor Nostri Abbas

Album: Ex Deo - Romulus (2009)

Battle cries scream into the night
Forsaken ones move onto the other world
Planned expansion of civilization
Enemies await total impending doom
Feel the spirit in our father's will
The arrows of fire bleed the darkened skies
It shatters grief onto the grounds
Blood paints the stones of ages
EGO spiritus meus contemno
EGO dominor
EGO addo lemma ut suum filiolus
EGO ostendo haud misericordia
EGO ostendo haud diligo
Capio absentis suum posterus
EGO dico ordo
Telum crudus divum
Agony chants the plea to surrender
Debriefed ones intentions of triumph
This is the land of all our fathers
We shall reign forever

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