Versuri Exhumed - Excreting Innards

Album: Exhumed - Chords Of Chaos

[musick - Matt Harvey, Derrel Houdashelt; lyrixxx - Matt Harvey, 1992]

Gnawing the stools, I masticate with fervor, Enthusiastically I ingest the
discharge of your gaping anus, Anal disgorgement of steaming bits of meat...
Each smelly mouthful I devour, Your rectum is now going sour... I divulge
the latent feast of your colon, As my drill gouges an avenue of
ano-obliteration... Steaming fecal morsels expelled, Chunks of watery
bloodied stool, Your salivating sphincter is throbbing, As I begin to
heartily drool... Shredded chunks of your buttocks, Your gaping anus is
ground and mulched, As you are made to excrete your innards, Your pulsating
sphincter emits a septic belch... Sanguineous anal discharge... Loosened
bowel segments, Your colon hemorraghing in fecal fistula, This disemboweling
e***a, Turns your anus inside-out...