Versuri Exhumed - Septicemia (Festering Sphinctral Malignancy Part II)

Album: Exhumed - In The Name Of Gore

[musick - Matt Harvey, lyrixxx - Ross Sewage, 1995]

Suffering intolerably from bladder irritability, Emitting septic belches,
pungent septic funk, Unable to function because of bowel flaccidity,
Interruption of rectal reflex, a constipated gut... Fecal inspissation inspire
colonic impaction, Decaying the discharge, ulcerative colitis, Bodily waste
accumulates from abdominal distention, Perforation of tissue,
diverticulitis... Indigested splatter, Regurgitated bolus overflows in your
maw, Atonic bladder, The state of the kidneys is now p**s poor...
Gastro-abdominal nausea increases with the compression of flatus, Ankylosing
spondylitis renders locomotion an impossibility, Prolapsing of the sphincter
following violent tenesmus, Bile and chyme seep through ulcers into the
peritoneal cavity... Microbes dine on enterolithic crust, Intestines bloated
from bacterial infection, Crepitated bowels move in disgust, Escherichia coli
mount an insurrection (repeat)... Congenital mega colon halts manual
disimpaction, Suppositories run over the sealed orifice, Laxatives
perpetuate the swelling of the abdomen, The catheter cannot penetrate anal
agenisis... The cardiovascular system is infected through osmosis, Overwhelmed
by pathogens and bacteria so rank, Mephitic claret causes equilibrial stasis,
The product; a human septic tank...